Kiss the Cook Sizes & Care

Caring For Your Purchases

When you buy cotton items please remember that they will shrink (usually about 5%) in the first wash and do not dry them in a tumble dryer. Follow the care instructions on your item. Think about what your Mum told you and don’t wash white items with coloured items. Remove the popper buttons from jackets before they are washed and put them somewhere where you can find them again. If the item you have purchased has been embellished with Swarovski crystals or sequins then iron on the reverse or you will dislodge them. Applique items should be ironed on the reverse. If you have purchased an item with silk applique then please wash and treat as silk even though the applique may be on a cotton item such as an apron.

The embroidery threads used by Kiss The Cook are manufactured to be light-fast, endure high-temperature washing and withstand rubbing and very mild bleaching processes, therefore it is the most durable thread for catering and work wear. (It is also recommended for swimwear but we are not planning to sell you any of that. Mind you, there may be some chefs and cooks out there who want to cook while submerged in water…do please let us know.)


Adult (approximately) 38" (96cm) from the top of the bib to the hem. 30" (76cm) wide.
Petite (approximately) 30.5" (78cm) from the top of the bib to the hem, 22" (57cm) wide

Age 3-4 (22"/56cm from bib to hem and 17"/43cm wide)
Age 5-7 (25"/64cm from bib to hem and 19"/48cm wide)
Age 8-10 (28"/71cm from bib to hem and 19"/48cm wide)

International Women's Jacket Sizes
UK10 (84cm)12 (88cm)14 (92cm)16 (96cm)18 (100cm)20-22 (108cm)22-24 (112cm)


Men's Jackets - CHEST SIZES